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Diet Nutrition

Balance your food plate in proper proportion of carb, fat, protein & fibre.


  • Avoid simple carb (sugar, jaggery, etc.)
  • Reduce complex carb (cereals)
  • Use low glycemic food


Take more food heaving fibres like vegitables, fruit cuts.


Avoid saturated fat ( butter, cheese, ghee, etc..) & trans fat( dalda, processed food etc..)


  • Increase protein in diet like veg protein (pulses)
  • Non-veg protein (fish, chicken, egg, etc..)
  • Dairy products (paneer, tofu etc..)


  • Drink - Plenty of water daily.
  • Can drink - butter milk, lemon water, home prepared veg soup, herble tea, green tea, black coffee, tea & coffee without sugar.
  • Don’t drink - mocktail, cocktail, sweet lassi, flavored drink ,fruit juice, energy drink, ready to make soup etc..